Capabilities Diagram

The polly-python library enables users to interact with the Polly platform in a user-friendly manner. At a high level, - For Polly OmixAtlas, it enables users to manage their data, query metadata and data matrix and download datasets. - For Polly Workspaces, it enables users to create workspaces, upload, download and move files. - For Polly Compute, it enables users to initiate jobs and check their status. - It also enables users to check which cohorts are possible in a given dataset and perform meta-analysis.

The library provides users the flexibility to access Polly Platform from various computational platforms, including DataBricks, SageMaker, and Polly Notebooks. The polly-python library is hosted on Pypi, the Python Package Index, making it easy for users to install and use.

Some examples and case studies of usage of polly-python is also made available on this github page for users to get started with ease.

A snapshot of it's capabilities is shown in the image below.