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Welcome to Polly!

Every year, vast amounts of biological multi-omics data are being generated in academic labs and organizations worldwide. This data holds tremendous potential for reuse but is scattered across multiple, disparate sources and lacks standardization. Thus, the availability of data does not equate to its easy usability, making the need for an efficient means of exploring molecular data an immediate necessity.

Polly is an AI-enabled cloud platform that provides access to FAIR multi-omics data from public and proprietary sources. Data from across repositories, databases, and proprietary datasets is curated using ML models, ensuring that it is machine-actionable and analysis-ready. Polly’s cloud infrastructure enables seamless data analysis, visualization, and sharing by offering a toolbox of scalable, easy to customize, bioinformatics pipelines.

Polly creates a unique, centralized ecosystem that enables a diverse team of biologists, bioinformaticians, and scientific leaders to share and collaborate on workspaces, data, and insights.