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How to View Dataset Details?

Users can click the "view details" button on the dataset in the results page to view the details of a specific dataset.

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The top of the page features three main sections, which are described below.

Dataset Overview

The dataset overview includes the description of the dataset, the number of samples, the link to the source, and the metadata tags associated with the dataset.

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Metadata Table

The metadata table consists of sample details, protocol, source metadata fields, and curated metadata fields.

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Metadata Charts

Metadata charts consist of the experimental factors along with a sunburst plot. The Sunburst Plot is used to display a hierarchical structure. Each level of the hierarchy is represented by one ring or circle and all rings show how the outer rings relate to the inner rings. To create a sunburst plot, the user can select the metadata in the rings based on their own criteria.

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Cell Type Visualization

Users can see the relative distribution of cell numbers across different cell types when viewing the details of a single-cell RNA-seq dataset before selecting a dataset for analysis.

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