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What are workspaces?

Polly workspaces allow you to reduce clutter and organize your data in a folder system of choice. This can be accessed by clicking on the Workspaces card.


Figure 1. Polly Homepage

To access workspaces, 1. Click on the workspace card:

![Panels](../img/Workspace/2.png) <p align=center>**Figure 2.** Workspace Panel View</p>

There are 3 panels on the workspace interface.

*    The left panel allows you to create a new workspace and access all your workspaces.

*    The middle panel shows you all the content within the selected workspace.

*    The panel on the right shows you the details around the content within the workspace.
  1. Click on the side bar to view workspaces: Workspace card view:

    Figure 3. Workspace Cardview

Creating a workspace

You can create a new workspace on Polly by clicking on New Workspace on the left panel of workspace interface or on the workspace card view page

New Workspace1

New workspace2

Figure 4. Creating a New Workspace

Enter the Name of the workspace, custom tags and description (if any) and click on create. Users can add tags while creating a new workspace. These tags can be used later to search and identify workspaces.

The new workspace will be created. You can find the newly created workspace with the list of all your workspaces on the left panel.

Workspace Information

Figure 5. Add Name, Tags, Description of a Workspace

Watching a Workspace

Users can watch a particular workspace by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon. This feature allows the user to monitor changes made in the workspace.

Workspace Information

Figure 6. Watching a workspace

Mark a Workspace as Favorite

Users can mark a particular workspace as their favorite by clicking on the ‘star’ icon. This feature allows the user to filter the frequently used workspaces.

Figure 7. Mark a workspace as favorite

Filtering Workspaces

Users can filter workspace cards of choice using options like:

Figure 8. Filter Workspace cards

Figure 9. The information about the contents of the workspace can be seen on the right panel.

You can access the workspace description and other details by selecting the "Info" option within the menu

Figure 10. Workspace menu option

Figure 11. Workspace Information

Content within a workspace

A workspace contains all your data, analyses,notebooks, and reports. They can be accessed through the middle panel.

Workspace Content

Figure 12. Workspace Contents

Filtering the content

In order to reduce the clutter, workspaces allow you to filter the content you want to display within the middle panel. Click on Filter icon above the middle panel where you can select/deselect the file type you would want to show in the workspace. Once the selection is done click on Apply to confirm your selections.

Content Filtering

Figure 13. Content Filtering

Creating a New folder

Polly workspace allows you to categorize your data in folders and subfolders. To create a folder, click on the cloud upload icon and select Create a New Folder from the dropdown menu.

Folder Creation

Figure 14. Create Folder

Enter the name of the folder you want to create and click on Create Folder.

Folder Creation

Figure 15. Add Folder Name

You can click on the same icon again to upload files within the created folder.


  • Only the data files can be organized within a folder while the uploaded notebooks and analyses are present separately within the selected workspace.

Double click on the folder name to look at its contents.


Figure 16. Folder Navigation

The purple section in the middle panel displays the path of the directory you are currently navigating. To browse a specific folder, click on the name of that folder within the path.


Figure 17. Folder Navigation Path

Editing your workspace

The menu items beside the workspaces can be used to edit your workspace details.

Edit workspace

Figure 18. Workspace Edit option

Select Edit Details within the menu. Rename the workspace and/or change the description of the workspace and click on Save Changes. Alternatively, Click Cancel to close the tab without saving any changes.

Edit workspace2

Figure 19. Workspace Edit Update

Users can edit name, add tags and description to a workspace.

Logging out of Polly

Click on the user icon at the bottom left corner. Select the Log Out option for logging out of Polly.

Figure 20. Logging out of Polly

Archival of Workspace

Having unused Workspaces result in unnecessary clutter, inefficiency in looking up things and excess storage costs. Users can hence “Archive” Workspace/s from the list of Workspaces they’ve been working on or no longer need.

The “Archive” Option appears in the Kebab Menu beside Workspace Name

Figure 21. Archiving a Workspace

  • The archived workspaces are not deleted permanently. They can either be restored or deleted permanently at any point in time.
  • The archived workspaces do not appear on the ‘Search’ results page.
  • It will consist of all files & folders from the Active Workspace.The users can view the list of ‘Active’ and ‘Archived’ Workspaces and can also switch between them.

Switching Between Active And Archived Workspaces

The drop-down allows users to view, filter and switch between their Active and Archived Workspaces at any point of the time.

Restoring Archived Workspaces

Figure 22. Restoring archived Workspaces

  • Users can restore their Workspaces using the ‘Restore Workspace’ option.
  • All docs/files/folders associated with the Workspace will be restored to an Active State.
  • It will also restore access to all existing collaborators.
  • Once a Workspace is restored, it is renamed to “OriginalWorkspaceName_Restored” to avoid confusion in case another Workspace with a similar name exists.

Deleting a Workspace Permanently

  • The users can delete a workspace permanently from their Archived section only.

    Figure 23. Permanently deleting workspace

Preview File And URL

For previewable file types (For example, csv files, notebooks, images, text files), when a user clicks on a Workspace content to view details, there is an icon to preview and copy the URL of the workspace.

This option enables the user to share any file/folder/notebook without having to share the whole of the workspace.

Figure 24. File Preview option

By default the URL has restricted access, i.e the file can be viewed only by the users who are a part of the workspace and have the link.

The user also has the option to make the file link global, enabling anyone with the link on Polly can view the file.

Figure 25. Changing the URL access to restricted/global